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Monkey Black Mid High Socks

Monkey Black Mid High Socks

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Made of ultra-high quality cotton material, it remains soft and comfortable after repeated use.

- Comfortable to use:
Carefully stitched toe and heel socks provide full support to reduce pressure on the foot and they impart  running comfort.

- Breathable weave design:
It is made of advanced weaving technology and designed with breathable mesh. Removes moisture and it holds the leg dry

- Performance:
Thick cotton pad, used for high intensity exercise reducing the damage caused by exercise. Comfortable to wear, ensuring that it does not slip during exercise and prevents be created blisters.

- Properties:
Moisture wicking, durable, odorless.

- Composition: 85% cotton, 10% polyamide & 5% elastane.

- Suitable for long distance running & Fitnees.

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